GX-73 Great Mazinger D.C. (Soul of Chogokin)

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Great Mazinger joins Bandai's Soul of Chogokin D.C. (Dynamic Collection) lineup, featuring iconic characters from Dynamic Pro and Go Nagai! This mighty robot stands 18cm tall, and comes with three sets of interchangeable hands, replaceable elbow parts and an interchangeable face.  He's also equipped with the Scramble Dash and two replacement wings for it plus another Scramble Dash in storage form, two Mazinger Blades, two Drill Pressure Punch parts, two Knee Impulse Kick parts, two Back Spin Kick parts, the Great Boomerang, two versions of the Brain Condor, the Great Booster and a special stand for it, replacement navel missiles, a stand and two arms for it.  It's truly amazing, and deserves a place of honor in your giant robot collection!   The latest in the Dynamic Classics series: Great Mazinger, re-designed with the latest toy technology to more closely resemble its animated appearance on screen! This is the definitive portrayal of the classic character, with all-new features such as an optional face with eyes dimmed to replicate the pre-docking sequence of the Brain Condor with Mazinger's head. The 180mm diecast figure includes a huge number of accessories: 3 pairs of optional hands, 2 Mazinger Blades, optional "pre-activated" face, Scramble Dash,  optional Scramble Dash wings, 2 Triple Pressure Punches, 2 optional elbow parts, 2 Knee Impulse Kick parts, 2 Backspin Kick parts, Great Boomerang, Brain Condor, docked Brain Condor, retracted Scramble Dash, optional navel missile, nameplate, stand, 2 stand support arms, Great Booster stand, Great Booster, posable waist armor. Earlybird special accessories include right handshake hands for both Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger. Product size: Approx 7.1" Package size: 13.8"x7.9"x3.1"