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#037 God Gundam (RG)

$55.99 $44.99
(You save $11.00)

Product Description

God Gundam, the protagonist’s Mobile Fighter from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, is joining the RG lineup! It is the kit with the widest range of articulation in the brand’s history to recreate poses of the Mobile Fighter, a machine that can mirror the movements of its pilot. Iconic poses such as the arm-folding pose can be recreated, the legs and internal frame resemble muscle structures, and the unfolding gimmicks in the armaments have also been recreated. Various articulation gimmicks unique to this RG kit can be enjoyed and halo effects based on the new designs are also included. An intense pursuit to recreate humanoid movements! -The torso incorporates a mechanism that allows it to widely move back/forth/left/right. The shoulders and arms also have extending gimmicks, granting a range of articulation in the sides. -The neck adopts a 3-axis articulation structure. The chin can be pulled, the neck can be moved back, and the head can be pushed forward. -The expansion and contraction of the muscles seen in the human body when the knees are bent have been recreated with retracting parts in the backs of the thighs. Parts of the knee armor also sink in to allow for the legs to move close to the ground to create movements close to the human body. A pursuit to faithfully recreate arm-folding poses. -Thought has been put into the internal joints to enable the shoulders and thighs to swing when creating natural poses. -The shoulders and wrists incorporate Advanced MS Joints. The arms can be moved to natural positions thanks to this structure. Various internal structures allow for dynamic leg-opening gimmicks. -A new mechanism has been used to move the toes, allowing the feet to touch the ground while the legs are opened at a near-horizontal angle. -The kit adopts multi-stage movements spanning from the chest to the waist, and sliding mechanisms in the groin joint enable the legs to be lifted while raising the front armor parts on the waist. A gimmick unique to the RG kit! -The shoulder have opening gimmcks. -The bases of the fins have movable joints to enable them to flow backwards. A halo created with layered structures! -The bases of the claws and thumb covers have points of articulation, allowing for the recreation of God Finger. -Large, medium, and small halos are included as a unique feature of GUNPLA. Each of the layers are made with parts made in different shades to create a three-dimensional effect. Includes: ■ God Slash ×2 ■ Hand parts ×1 set ■ Halo effect attachment joint ×1 ■ PET plastic sheet (Halo effect) ×1 set ■ Realistic Decals ×1

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great articulated kit 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 15th 2022

    As you may have expected from the history of G gundam models and from other reviews, the RG god gundam has great articulation. It’s a relatively quick build for a real grade model kit as there are no weapons outside of single piece beam sabers and it has a relatively straight forward backpack. The most tedious part of the build felt like the arms; in terms of pieces fitting together, it’s easy to miss a part. Although I would also mention the head had many small pieces, which were reminiscent of the crossbone gundam pieces. Color separation is great though the stickers seem lackluster in comparison to older RG kits specifically the foil ones. There is semi translucent film underneath the foil so any non foil spaces would be visible as a slight white film. The kit still looks great without them just as well. With the extra pieces put on such as the “burning” red hands of which you have 3 (one for the left and two for the right) and the hyper mode rings, it has a great presence and you wouldn’t really care for stickers that aren’t put on. Time will tell as to how well the model will stand up but as of this time it’s a great kit.