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#015 Gundam Exia (RG)


Product Description

The first Real Grade kit from Mobile Suit Gundam 00: the Gundam Exia!
- The 15th kit of the Real Grade series, the Gundam Exia takes the stage in the year AD 2307- in other words, this is the Gundam of our own timeline! An extension of the current robotic sciences we have now, this Suit is different from other Gundams- designed based on systems that we could have in our own future, this kit is truly the embodiment of Real Grade. Merging the science of today with the impossible technology of the future has led to this kit, and this Suit: the GN-001 Gundam Exia!

- Point 1: Designed for Close Quarters Combat, the Exia’s fighting style called for a range of movement similar to a human, a feature omitted in the other major Gundams of the era. To replicate this, the RG Exia is designed with an Advanced MS Joint mobility configuration to maximize mobility, giving it an unparalleled range of motion among the RG models released so far.

- Point 2: A product of our own sciences, the world of Gundam 00 sets the stage in the year 2307- the future of our timeline. The Gundam Exia itself is an extension of current energy sciences. Powered by the state-of-the-art GN Code, designed to transmit light in an energy transfer, the Suit’s GN Drive is an evolution of the real-world plasma tube array. 
plasma tube array], from the plasma tube array. Whether with shapes, colors or images, this kit is the embodiment of real detail. 

- GN Drive is removable.
- GN Condenser realistically replicated with clear parts and decals, and GN particle supply code
replicated using holographic elements.
- Design supervised by Ebikawa Kanetake, original designer of the Gundam Exia 
himself, who was in charge of the mechanic design of Gundam Exia is thorough supervision. A new Marking the design.
- Utilizes comprehensive Seven Swords combat system.

- Accessories: GN Sword, GN Shield, GN Beam Saber x2, GN Beam Dagger x2,
GN Short Blade, GN Long Blade
Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 7.5 cm / 383g

Product Videos

RG Exia (1: Unbox) Gundam 00 Setsuna F Seiei's plastic model review ガンプラ 10:21

http://www.gundam.tk | http://twitter.com/gundamtk | Gundam Exia, the first lead from Gundam 00 has come home before in lots of grades, but how does this nicely priced Real Grade 1/144 stack up? Buy this kit and lots more from Hobby Link Japan: http://www.hlj.com/ http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN989481/Gun Vote, and see lots more reviews of all my models at http://gundamreviews.net/

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    http://www.gundam.tk | http://twitter.com/gundamtk | Gundam Ex...

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