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YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie <Macross> [1/100] (HG) **PRE-ORDER**

$59.99 $51.99
(You save $8.00)

Product Description

The second round of the new HG Macross plastic model kit series is here!
As “Macross Frontier” celebrates its 15th anniversary, the YF-29 Durandal Valkyrie piloted by the protagonist
Alto Saotome will be available as a plastic model kit with a sharp design!
■This is a series where certain sections are made with exchangeable parts to simplify the transformation sequence while achieving a simple assembly process unique to HG kits, a wide range of articulation, and streamlined
designs in each form.
■The beautiful curves of the forward-swept wings in Fighter Mode and the iconic silhouette of the Gerwalk Mode have been faithfully recreated.
■The range of articulation in the arms can be expanded thanks to the pull-out gimmicks in the shoulders.
■By incorporating three movable axes in the chest, the kit gains a wide range of articulation during forward, backward, and left/right bending poses.
■Missile hatches on the shoulders and legs can be deployed. A knife can be stored inside the shield as seen in the series.
■Polarized Molding with color-changing effects when light hits the part from different angles has been adopted for
sections such as the Folding Quartz and canopy part.
■The stickers can hide the surface below despite being extremely thin. Vibrant colors can be recreated even when
they are placed on parts with deep colors.
■Expressive hand parts are included to enjoy various poses.

■Gun Pod ×1
■Shield ×1
■Knife ×1
■Landing gear ×1 set
■Fighter Mode recreation parts ×1 set
■Joint parts ×1 set 
■Hand parts ×1 set
■Display base ×1 
■PET Film Stickers ×1

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Expected release date is Aug 30th 2023