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Stylet (Frame Arms Girl)

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$58.49 $49.49
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Product Description

  • - Spin-out series [frame Arms Girl] of Kotobukiya original robot content [frame Arms] second edition is [Stiletto]!
    - The frame Arms [SA-16 Stiletto] by Mr. Noriyuki Yanase design, Mr. Shimada Fumikane reblogged three-dimensional on the basis of the illustrations were beautiful girl of!

    - Face parts 2 type. [Image Illustration compliant design] one and, [smile face frontal] in a separate design, [smile face right], comes with three kinds of a total of four kinds of [shouting face left.
    - Face parts will finish close to the setting alone was assembled because painted a.
    - Japanese sword as an accessory weapon, Gatling gun, hand missile is included.
    - Male shaft with grip 3mm diameter for use in holding the MSG like two suppliers.
    - Wrist made of PVC is left and right, respectively five included.
    - It comes with a left arm and left leg, which can reproduce the image illustrations. (Elbow, knee joint is not moving.)
    - Pupil, the decals, such as marking included.
    - Knee armor, by sliding a movable, it trimmed the line of the leg.
    - Skirt is moving, expanding the range of movement of the leg.
    - The wheels of the heel is moving up and down, you will be increase the ground resistance.
    - Base of accessories is possible for moving the connection part up and down.
    - Back, hip, existing MSG series by the hole of 3mm diameter which are arranged such as to the calf, can be used in combination of armed frame Arms series.

    [Frame Arms Girl (FA: G) What is this?]
    - [The frame Arms Girl, you will spin out series of each aircraft `Pretty of` was of Kotobukiya original robot content [frame Arms].
    - Molding color that has been color-coded, by Tampo printed face parts, will be completed just teamed without paint.
    - By the hole and made of PVC wrist of 3mm diameter which is provided to each unit, which is a feature of the frame Arms, and huge MSG Weapon Unit series, weapons of frame Arms series, it is possible to use the exterior.
    - Will be released future FA: G head of each aircraft, arms, compatibility, such as the legs have also been secured, your own frame Arms Girl (FA: G) is customizable.
    ※ This product will be in play products.

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