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Product Description

First kits! Dancing in the wilderness Youkai [Pixie] -


From game software "Mobile Suit Gundam CROSS DIMENSION 0079"

Gundam Pixie finally appeared in the HGUC series.


Characteristic exterior such as head, chest, shoulder, arms etc are all new shaping!

Beam dagger, 90mm sub-machine gun and other distinctive arms are attached!


● Gundam Pixie's body shape is thoroughly reproduced with whole-body modeling!

The exterior from the head to the leg are all new shaping, and a distinctive stylish form

Thorough reproduction with detail rich parts.


Head and chest

Reproduce the characteristic head of Gundam Pixie. Three-dimensional citrus slit is also precise detail. Two-stage duct of the chest is also reproduced.



Reproduce the arm shape equipped with a magazine of 90 mm sub-machine gun on both arm sides.


· Shoulder

Shoulder armor also uses new parts. Characteristic markings are reproduced with attached marking seals.


· Lower part

Reproduce the details of the waist armor over the front, rear and side.


The side armor can store the handle of beam dagger.

Two rear 90 mm sub machine guns can be mounted on the rear armor.


● 90mm sub-machine gun, beam dagger is reproduced with new shaping! In case

A 90 mm sub-machine gun and a beam dagger are included, two each. Furthermore, for beam daggers,

Slash effect parts are included. By combining, you can enjoy various actions.


Removed 90 mm sub-machine gun magazine, loaded with a gimmick that can be made into a special bayonet state by changing to a beam / dagger pattern.


● Due to the wide range of motion, it is possible to perform dynamic posing with weapons held on both hands.


Attached armed: 90 mm sub machine gun / beam dagger

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