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RX-124 Gundam TR-6 [Woundwort] (HG) /P-BANDAI EXCLUSIVE\

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Product Description

Culmination of the TR series - Woodworth, when it is first kitized -

RX 124 TR-6 [Woudwort]


"ADVANCE OF Z ~ Under the flag of Titans" ~

Gundam TR - 6 [Wurdwurt] was first converted to the HGUC series!

With new shaping, unique styling, reproduction of the transformation to MA mode!


● Gundam TR - 6 (Woudwort) is thoroughly reproduced with new shaping!

- It becomes the core MS of the weapons "TR-6" developed as culmination of the TR series,

Reproduction of "Woudwort" aircraft shape with new modeling.


· Design that combines personality and unique atmosphere, reproduces detail thoroughly. An arm is also mounted in the crotch portion.

Faithfully reproduce the head of a complicated surface composition according to the setting.


● Reproduce deformation to mobile armor!

· Reproduce the deformation of mobile body, which is the feature of the aircraft, by replacing the parts.


· Following the booster pod as the core, folding the legs and replacing it with a dedicated head part reproduces the MA form.

Wings developed during MA configuration are reproduced by attaching special parts.


● Composite · Shield · Booster can be transformed into rifle, claw!

· Multi-function shield 'Composite · Shield · Booster', in addition to the rifle mode for shooting,

Changes to claw mode can also be reproduced by replacing parts.


· The total length of the rifle is about 225 mm.

The tip of the bellows arm can be connected to the armor of the shoulder part. Use it in a form to be attached to MS body.


- The bellows arm and the shield part are separated and the injection state of the claw can be produced by attaching a lead wire.

Also the beam mouth on the bottom of the claw is reproduced by replacing parts.


● A wide range of movable structure of the whole body and deformation mechanism allow for versatile posing! In case


Attached armed: Composite · Shield · Booster

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