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Product Description

 Dominance gm of the guinea pig party - RGM - 79 DO gm Dominance, First Turning Up!


Appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden The Blue Destiny"


Three-dimensional gm Dominance at master grade!


Reproduce distinctive weapons such as aircraft shape, double beam cannon and the like in various places!


● MG-compliant new modeling, reproduce the body shape!


Features such as head, chest armor, waist, legs, school bags etc. are reproduced thoroughly by new shaping. 



Exterior is reproduced with many new parts such as antenna, visor.



Box type beam-saber of new modeling can be equipped on both arms by recombination. 



The symbolic chest duct and armor coloring are reproduced with new shaping.



Reproduced with dominance characteristic beam / saber suspended state by new modeling.



Gm · Sniper Add new shaping based on custom things,

Reproduce the high power design.



Based on the frame of Jim · Sniper Ⅱ, knee, ankle guard part, side thrusters are new parts.


● Dedicated armed double beam cannon is reproduced with new modeling!


Dual beam cannon which is dominant main weapon,


Box type beam saber is included.


· Double beam cannon

 Two beam cannon can be equipped on the arm by recombination.


· Box type beam · saber

 Box type Beam · saber can be equipped on both arms.


- New design water transfer type decal included!


● Knee joint mechanism based on MG Jim · Sniper II,

 Powerful beam / saber action and shooting poses are possible.


Attached armed: double beam Cannon / beam · saber / shield 

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