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GX-9900 Gundam X Unit 3 (MG) /P-BANDAI EXCLUSIVE\

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Product Description

Started with the revived Gundam X - master grade!


From "Mobile New Century Gundam X", it will be a bonus of the Blu-ray Memorial Box,

The newly drawn comic "Come with you, if it's with you", commercialized Gundam X 3 machine with master grade!



MS played back with new parts to former Garudo's love machine

GX-9900 Gundam X 3 machine


The aircraft that was rebuilt the Gundam X that was destroyed during the Front War, the former Garudo boarding.

We gathered the parts that remained in the former federal military laboratory in various places, and added the missing parts by completing the new parts.



● Unit 3 aircraft color reproduced with molded color!

The color ring for Unit 3, with light blue on shoulder armor, also reproduced with molded color.

The shoulder armor part added a runner according to the change of the color scheme.


- New design Water transfer type decal included!

I wrote a new drawn comic "If It Will Come With You"

A water transfer type decal is attached that recorded the marking etc. of new design by Mr. Koichi Tokita.


Attached Armor: Shield Buster Rifle / Beam Sabel / Satellite Cannon / Shoulder Vulcan Unit

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