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Forbidden Gundam (Full Mechanics 1/100) **PRE-ORDER**

$84.99 $71.99
(You save $13.00)

Product Description

As“Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Forbidden Gundam with a transformation mechanism will be available as a plastic model kit with the latest arrangement and structures from the 1/100 FULL MECHANICS brand!

■Various points of articulation and sliding mechanisms enable smooth transformation and dynamic poses!
■The textures of the energy tubes and Nidhoggr's surface finish have been recreated to create realistic mechanical designs unique to the FULL MECHANICS brand !
■The blade of the Heavy Scythe “Nidhoggr” has been recreated with two types of surface finishes of different textures.
■The energy cables that are connected to the backpack are recreated with tubes
■The arm sections of the Energy-deflection Armor “Geschmeidig Panzer” can move with flexibility, and the shields can be deployed.
■The connector for the backpack has multiple axes and can be adjusted to dynamic angles.
■The collar section moves in conjunction with the rotating intake block in the chest. The head has a moving structure that sinks in to avoid interference with the backpack to achieve a smooth transformation.
■88mm Railgun “Eckzahn”can be deployed and the rotating movements of the magnetic field generators that change the trajectory of the Hresvelgr have been reproduced. Its intricate gimmicks allow for the recreation of realistic action scenes.

■Nidhoggr ×1
■Action Base joint ×1
■Varnish Tubes ×2
■Stickers ×2 types


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Expected release date is Sep 29th 2023